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Thousands of tires are taken off the cars that were totaled in accidents. Surely, tires that were badly damaged are not resold. Used tires also come from the cars totaled due to floods. In such a case, there is usually nothing bad with the tire, as floods rarely damage them. You can buy used tires that have at least half a tread left without searching for too long. To be sure in the quality of the purchase, you need to know how to inspect user tires. 

Michelin Defender® costs $160 per new tire and more; you can get a used one with 10-11/32 tread left for $87.99 or consider other offers. Pirelli P ZERO™ High Performance will usually cost you about $193 per new tire, while a used one with 5-6/32 tread left can be bought for $95.

Used Tires in Montgomery, AL

When you buy used tires, you do a form of tire recycling, decreasing the harmful impact of thrown away rubber. About 30 million used tires are sold annually in the US, freeing landfills from toxic garbage. However, many manufacturers still encourage their consumers to buy new sets, because of their business concerns, lack of used-tire guarantees, and other reasons. 

Used tires for sale in Montgomery, AL

Used tires usually cost 30-50% cheaper than new ones, even if their condition is almost as good as new tires. The fact they were once mounted on a vehicle lowers the price of the tire itself. So you can get the best deal possible if you find a used tire, or even a full set, in good condition. 

Used Tires Can Be in Good Condition When you buy used tires, you can expect to get 40%-70% of tread left, which gives you a considerable mileage for the money you pay. Some of the common reasons why used tires can stay in good condition are: Many drivers are talked by manufacturers into buying new tires even before theirs are totally worn out. Repair shops also like to recommend changing tires prematurely. Firstly, they usually have a disposal fee for keeping tires; secondly, they can resell the tires. 

Goodyear Eagle® LS-2 ROF currently costs from $357. This model can also be found for $75 with no repairs and 7/32 tread left. Michelin LTX M/S2 normally costs $220 if new, but you can save a lot and buy it for around $100 with 7-9/32 tread left. Buy Used Tires and Help the Planet.